Most data was compiled examining public records and archives in Haaltert and esp. microfilms numbered 752327, 752931, 752932, 752930, 752929, and 752928 kept at the Heemkundige Kring in Haaltert.

Beyond these films and where relevant, data was drawn from previously published works. This list of these works includes among many others:

Parochieregisters Denderhoutem by R. Lievens
Alfabetisch repertorium van de families te Erembodegem 1591-1880 by D. Meert
Haaltert, Bijdrage tot een gezinsreconstructie : 1605-1800 by J. Scheerlinck
Gezinsreconstructies Heldergem 1796-1900 by J. Scheerlinck
Parochieregisters Heldergem by R. Lievens
Gezinsreconstructie Kerksken 1696-1816 by J. Scheerlinck
Gezinsreconstructie van Mere 1652-1798 by Edg. De Geyter and J. Scheerlinck
Families te Nieuwerkerken 1587-1860 by F. Caudron
Families en personen te Okegem (Ninove) 12de eeuw-1900 en Impegem (Liedekerke) 17de eeuw-1804 by H. Van Isterdael
Familiesamenstelling Pollare by R. Van Hauwe
Familiesamenstelling Denderwindeke by R. Van Hauwe
Parochieregisters Ressegem by R. Lievens
Parochieregisters Sint-Antelinks by R. Lievens
Parochieregisters Aspelare-Nederhasselt by R. Lievens
Parochieregisters Borstbeke by R. Lievens
Parochieregisters Burst-Bambrugge-Vlekkem by R. Lievens
Parochieregisters Sint-Lievens-Esse by R. Lievens
Burgerlijke stand Welle 1796-1862 by E. Houtman
Burgerlijke stand Woubrechtegem overlijdens 1798-1900 by G. Souffreau

Most if not all of these works can be found at the Heemkundige Kring in Haaltert.

More data yet was drawn from a  great many publicly accessible websites, most notably the GENEANET project website.

Given the sheer volume of the data and given the sometimes difficult task of deciphering the handwriting on the films, no claim is being made that all the data published on this site is accurate. There are no doubt typos and errors to be found. We welcome any and all information that will allow us to fill in blanks or correct mistakes.

Part of the data published here is also available in bookform: "Gezinsreconstructie Denderhoutem 1796-1910" by R. De Paepe. For information on obtaining this book, pls. contact the Heemkundige Kring Haaltert or send an email to  

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